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Chairman Message

Harmonious-family enterprise culture.

“Harmony” leads to the success of everything. However, such “harmony” is not unprincipled; it should be the “harmony” with common goal, uprightness and fairness; while facing important matters, we shall stick to the principles; and facing trivial matters, we shall promote courteous manner. The “harmony” is a fighting friendship harmony that we concluded from the tenacious struggles we made for company survival and development.

“Harmony” leads us to overcome difficulty perseveringly with common goal;

“Harmony” brings us good communication and excellent interpersonal relationship and working environment;

“Harmony” tolerates various talents, opinions and draw on the wisdom of the masses;

“Harmony” presents us a situation that superiors are respected and subordinates are looked after.

Enterprise culture is the essence of collective intelligence and efforts, which deserves our care and cultivation.