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Company Milestones


Contract was signed in Singapore and JCET Advanced Packaging was founded


Construction of the building and relocation were completed

Developed gold bump process successfully for the application for LCD driver and RFID

Establish bumping line successfully

Passed ISO9001 system certification


Developed line width and line spacing15×15um for gold bump

Established WLCSP production line


Developed embedded WLCSP technology

Developed 2P2M (RDL3) structure successfully and put it into mass production

RDL1 (2 layers of PI + 1 layer of copper wire) structure was put into mass production stage

Passed ISO14001 system certificate


Produced WLCSP with 400um pitch successfully

Integrated circuit WLCSP was honored with Innovative products and Technology Awards of semiconductor, China, 2007


Produced WLCSP with 300um pitch successfully.

Passed TS16949 system certification


Developed inductive inductor with line width/ line spacing 9×7um

Passed QC080000 system certification

Passed SONY GP system certification

“Embedded passive device WLCSP” was awarded the fourth session (2009) China Semiconductor Innovative Products and Technology Award

Honored “Jiangsu New High-tech Enterprise”


3P2M structure was put into mass production and significant achievement was achieved

Developed Cu Bar CSP structure applicable for high current products

Became a member of “technology innovation strategic alliance of IC packaging and testing industry chain”


Developed Wafer Level Camera Module packaging technology successfully

Developed 25um pitch gold bump


Awarded the Philip Best Paper ICEPT-HDP

Worked with Israeli company ViaGan to develop Wafer Level Led packaging technology based on TSV structure

Worked with American company Enpirion to develop FCA magnetic alloy bumping technology


Scientific and technological achievements made by Enpirion and JCAP was honored with ICEPT-HDP Best Paper Award

Passed the acceptance inspection of Jiangsu science and technology plan--Sino-Israeli scientific and technological cooperation project “WLCSP LED packaging”

Passed the acceptance inspection of Jiangsu transformation Project of Sci-tech Achievement “GSI high density bumping (WLCSP) packaging products industrialization”

Obtained “Safety production standardization Level 3 enterprise certificate”

Honored with “outstanding contribution to nationalization of semiconductor device”


JCAP-B2 was officially established


Developed ECP and ECP0201 technology

Development of Soft Organic Flexible Interposer was initiated


PESi Dicing Technology

Ultra-thin WLCSP Technology

Passed TS16949-B2 factory system certification

Mass production for 14Nm bumping